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Drilling and production update 18-04-2014
Shell announces Malaysia deep-water gas discovery 18-04-2014
Total discovers oil in deep offshore Ivory Coast 18-04-2014
Shell announces Malaysia deep-water gas discovery 17-04-2014
Lamprell has received a new contract award for the construction and delivery of two Mobile Offshore Drilling Platforms 16-04-2014
Pateke-4H drilling update 15-04-2014
Oil and gas drilling and production brought to life 15-04-2014
Rise in demand for rental equipment offshore drilling projects predicted 14-04-2014
Drilling permit for well 25/8-18 S in production licence 169 14-04-2014
Rosneft is successfully developing Exploration drilling program for 2014 11-04-2014
Pateke-4H drilling update 09-04-2014
Drilling on Verdande has started 09-04-2014
Ukraine announces Olgovskoye-11 commences drilling 08-04-2014
Drilling update for Bamboo-1, Ntem Concession (Cameroon) 08-04-2014
Cub Energy Inc. commences drilling of Olgovskoye-11 well 08-04-2014
Breitling Energy Corporation announces the successful drilling of first well in the Permian Basin 07-04-2014
Joint project improves North Sea drilling efficiency, report claims 03-04-2014
Drilling permit for well 7324/7-2 in production licence 537 03-04-2014
Rig secured for Yolla gas field drilling program 02-04-2014
United Hydrocarbon announces successful drilling in Chad 02-04-2014

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