Comet Ridge: Drilling update - Mira 6 to 2 (Horizontal to Vertical) well intercept made
Friday, Nov 10, 2017
Comet Ridge Limited (ASX:COI) wishes to provide an update on drilling operations at the Mira 6 lateral intercept well.

The 6.125” hole has been drilled through the Castor Seam, and overnight the intercept was made with the Mira 2 vertical well. The Mira 6 well length is currently 777 metres (along hole). Approximately 415 metres of coal has been drilled up to the intercept, and after entering coal, the well path has remained 100% in coal to this point.

Current plans are to drill ahead to the southsoutheast to extend the total length of horizontal well available for water and gas flow. After the horizontal well has been drilled, and the drilling rig released, production of gas and water from the horizontal well section will flow up the Mira 2 vertical well, via a pump installed in that well.

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