Real Energy finds more gas shows in Tamarama-3
Monday, May 21, 2018
Cooper Basin focused oil & gas exploration company Real Energy has provided an update on the drilling of Tamarama-3.

Since the last report, the well was drilled from 2,488 metres MDRT (measured depth below rotary table) to the total depth of 2,634 metres MDRT.

As previously reported, elevated gas readings were recorded over the Nappamerri Formation, the Toolachee Formation and upper Patchawarra Formation. Highly elevated gas readings have continued through the Patchawarra Formation to the top of the basement at approx. 2,573 metres MDRT. Additional intervals in the Patchawarra Formation with notably high gas readings are:

  • 2510–2520 metres MDRT:SANDSTONE with gas peak of 157.1 units over the background gas of 33.4 units;
  • 2520-2529 metres MDRT: SANDSTONE with minor streaks interbedded SILTSTONE and COAL with gas peak of 164.2 units over the background gas of 19.3 units;
  • 2540-2573 metres MDRT: SANDSTONE with minor streaks of SILTSTONE with gas peak of 136.4 units over the background gas of 19.4 units.

The significance of the gas shows in Tamarama-3 will be further evaluated by electric logs being undertaken as at 6 am EST today.

Managing Director of Real Energy Mr Scott Brown commented:

'The gas shows we are seeing in the Patchawarra continue the good results we have received so far for Tamarama-3. We have now completed drilling the well and are currently running electric logs to evaluate the significance of the gas shows seen in the well.

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